Are you making sales with your email marketing?
Could you be making more?

Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to build and grow your business.   It is hands down the easiest way to stay in touch with your clients and potential customers.  But most businesses aren't using this amazing tool as well as they could be... are you one of them?

Email marketing made my business

In 2008 I created Women Unlimited, a women's business community with nothing more than an idea and a desire to share what I was learning.

In those early days I made a lot of mistakes, but one of the things I did right was set up an email list before I had even launched my website.   Capturing those names so early on, meant that I was able to launch my website and business with a paid for event that generated over £5000 in revenue.

From that standing start, Women Unlimited has gone on to become one of the UK's leading women in business websites and through marketing to them via email, I have now taught over 5000 business owners strategies, tools and tactics to help them build and grow their business.  Most of those people wouldn't have booked on to our events and courses without the power of email marketing.  It has literally made my business.

Email marketing doesn't require a big list to be successful, but it does require a smart strategy and clarity.  It is also a marketing tool that works no matter what type of business you are running.  You may think that email marketing is only for internet marketers but the reality is that email marketing should play a part in every businesses marketing plan.

In my inbox, I see so many people doing email marketing wrong and the difference between email marketing that works and email marketing that doesn't can be very subtle.

So I have put together this course to help you learn how to use email marketing effectively in your business.   This course is not just about the mechanics of email marketing.  It is about the strategy, the plan, the content and most importantly ... SALES.

The Email Marketing Sales Studio is
a homestudy course for business owners
who want to learn how to tap into the
of email marketing in their business

Opening March 9th, 2015

What we will cover...

Module 1: Email Marketing Strategy

In Module One we will get to grips with who is your target audience, what do they want and how you can use email marketing to make sure you are the one that they think of when they are ready to buy.  We will also be looking at best practice and business strategies that are working today.

Module 2: Planning and tools

Now it's time to plan your email marketing strategy in detail.  What are you going to send?  When are you going to send it?  What tools & software should you be using?  How are you going to convert your visitors onto your list.

Module 3: List building & Email Capture

Building a list is a critical part of your email marketing strategy.  We will be looking at a range of tools that will make this much easier for you.  We will also look at what and how you can create your perfect client lead magnet for your website.  The goal here is to keep it simple and create a list of perfect prospects for your business.

Module 4: Content and Headlines

In this module we will look at what you should be including in your email marketing.  Ideas on types of content to include, how to integrate it with your website and social media.  Where to find ideas.  We will also be looking at headlines, because without a great headline, your email will never be opened.  We are now getting into the meat of the course!

Module 5: Templates and Design

This is when we start getting into the juicy bits around building your email.  What should your emails look like?  How long should they be.  Should you have images?  How can you make your emails look super professional?  We will be working with two Email Marketing Software packages.  We are now going to start building your email!

Module 6: Execution, Measuring results and improving your campaigns

Now we are going to get you to put your money where your mouth is and press send!  We will be looking at how to measure the success of your campaign, how to improve your campaigns and building your ongoing email marketing strategy in your business using autoresponders, integrating with your content strategy & building a sales pipeline.

Option 1:
Email Marketing Sales Studio Home Study Course

Step-by-step video training. I’ll show you how to create email marketing that works for you and your audience.    We will look at strategies, tools and software that will do the heavy lifting for you.

Your Email Marketing Sales Plan template.  Your email marketing sales plan will almost write itself.  I will guide you through the process of writing your email marketing plan so that it feels painless.

Useful checklists, worksheets and swipe files.  Taking the stress out of email marketing.  I totally believe in keeping things simple and want to help you as much as I can to make this as easy as possible for you.

6 weeks of group coaching calls PLUS two implementation weeks. Each week you will have the chance to phone me and ask your questions about anything relating to email marketing.  During the programme we will have 2 weeks where you can catch up and make sure you are getting the most out of the course.

Loads of great examples of what works and what doesn’t and more importantly why! One of the toughest things can be knowing what to write and what to send.  I will help you put together an idea bank that will last you for a whole year. And we will be looking at various email marketing strategies and understanding why they work so that you can apply that learning to your business.

Ideas Ideas Ideas.  You’ll get lots of ideas and inspiration for your content and your headlines.  My promise to you is that you will never be at a loss for content and headline ideas again! We will look at a variety of different businesses to look at different strategies, what works and why.

Latest trends and strategies.  Email marketing has come a long way and in this course we will look at the latest trends and how you can use them to your advantage in your business.

Bonus Tech Videos: Sometimes the technology can feel intimidating.  As a special bonus I will include videos showing you how to do some of those tricky techie bits in a way that will make you wonder why you had never done it before!

Private Facebook group with Julie. If you’d like some extra support while you are going through the email marketing programme, I will be available every day in private facebook group. During the course I will check in at least once a day to answer your questions, give you feedback and help in any way that I can.

Investment: £297.00

Option 2:
Home Study Course + Done for You Email Marketing

Everything from the Home Study Course.  Even if we set up all your email marketing for you, you still need to know how to make the most of your email marketing.

EMSS Facebook Group.  This is your support network.  Your place to go to share your ideas, successes, challenges and questions.  Julie will be checking in at least once a day during the course.

Done for You Email Marketing.  This is the perfect option for someone who really wants to get started with email marketing, but doesn't want the hassle of having to figure out how to create their own templates and designs.   While we won't be doing the content for you (though this is something that we could discuss if you wanted that type of support), what we will do is create a template that makes it ridiculously easy to create and send your own emails.

2 x Branded Email Templates. Different emails require different formats.  We will create two clean, simple templates that you can use to send out your newsletters.  We can do this on either Campaign Monitor (our preferred supplier) or MailChimp.  We are also happy to discuss other alternatives.

Personal review of your email marketing plan + feedback on your email before you send it!  Done for You Customers are eligible to submit their email marketing plan and two different emails for Julie to review at any time within 6 months of the course start date. She will respond within 48 hours of receiving your email and give you her feedback, thoughts and ideas on how you could improve them.

1 x Email Capture Form. Having an email capture form on your website is critical if you want build your list.  We will put one on your site at a place of your choosing and for an additional fee can help you install other options to increase your chances of getting signups.

Investment: £597.00

Our Rock-Solid 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that this course will deliver on its promise that we have a 100% satisfaction
guarantee.  If for any reason, you don't feel that it is the right course for you during the first 30 days (starting March 9th) then you can request a full refund with no questions asked.

Option 1: Email Marketing Sales Studio Home Study Plan
Option 2: Email Marketing Sales Studio Home Study Plan
PLUS Done for You Email Marketing


The Email Marketing Sales Studio will give you everything you need
to start using email to create more sales in your business.

Add to Cart: £297.00

Full Home Study Course

6 modules of step by step video training
Checklists, worksheets, templates & Swipe Files
Latest Email Marketing Trends & Strategies
6 x Q&A Calls + 2 implementation weeks
Private Facebook Group

Add to Cart: £597.00

Email Marketing Home Study PLUS
Done For You Email Marketing

Full Homestudy Course + Facebook Group
Email review by Julie
2 x branded email templates on either Campaign Monitor or MailChimp
1 x list set up (and we will teach you how to add new lists)
1 x list capture form on your website

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start? +

The first module will be released on March 9th.

What are the dates for the Q&A Calls? +

The Schedule for the Q&A Calls is

March 12th 8:00 pm March 20th 10:00am

March 26th 8:00 pm

March 30 Implementation week

April 9th 8:00pm

April 17th 10:00 am

April 20th Implementation week

April 30th 8:00 pm

Please note all times are GMT

I want to start emailing now! Can I get full access to the full course? +

Unfortunately not... I know you're impatient, I get it, but it makes sense to take the time to work through the strategies and make sure you getting your email marketing campaign off on the right foot.

I have more questions, how can I ask them? +

I'm so glad you asked!  Please email us at and we will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

From some attendees from our
live email marketing workshop

"Everything on the course was a real insight. I always get so much value out of Julie's training."

Carole Bozkurt, The BluePrint Practice

"The most valuable part of the workshops was the strategising and content management. I got so many new ideas. It was also really helpful being able to get hand on support on MailChimp."

Claire Louise Hardie, The Thrifty Stitcher

Julie opened my eyes to the full potential of email marketing and how it can be successfully applied to my business. I hadn't realised just how easy it is to create a newsletter!

Sandra Roycroft-Davis, Thinking Slimmer

I had been thinking about doing a newsletter for a while but didn't because I was afraid of running out of ideas. Now after Julie's workshop I have a strategy as well as some great ideas for content. Stay Tuned!

Sheila Woodbridge, Quirst

Julie continues to offer great value with these courses. This workshop gave the perfect balance of theory and practical skills to create the perfect email marketing strategy. It was great to have hands on experience with the tools. Highly recommended.

Cathy Simmons, Beyond Hypnotherapy

Julie's style and depth of knowledge makes this course a must do for any business owner. I urge anyone to take this course if they want to make the most of their email marketing.

Wendy Statton

Julie has a fantastic way of working through a topic in a formulaic way. Making it easier to understand and get started straight away.

Carolyn Boddington, The Marketing Engine

I took Julie's email marketing course and I have to say that it was a fantastic course.  Two years later it still works better than any advertising!

Sandy Rerksasut, Chang Thai